About Me

Hi there, I'm Bhavish, a fourth and final year Computer Science student at the University of Bristol.

A Handsome Man


  • Expected 2:1, MEng Computer Science, University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Class of 2018.
  • A*AA A-Levels (Computing, Physics and Mathematics), Woodhouse College, London, United Kingdom.
  • 8 A*-A GCSEs, Winchmore School, London United Kingdom.


In Progress

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    A utility for tracking physical keyboards in VR using an off-the-shelf webcam. Providing a low-cost and robust way to bring real, computer keyboards for use in virtual reality applications.

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    Virtual Reality Car Chase Simulator. An ongoing pet project of mine - an exciting and intense VR game that puts you in the driver's seat of a futuristic police interceptor, chasing down bad guys and protecting the city.


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    An educational game developed for the Bristol Life Sciences Department, aiming to teach primary school children about the life-cycles of tadpoles. Achieved over 200,000 downloads worldwide.

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    A multiplayer, one vs many, stealth game. A VR-equipped infilitrator must sneak his way through an enemy base, stealing valuables and intel as he does so. Meanwhile, multiple security officers must prevent this attempted thievery, utilising drone, alarms and abilities to capture the infiltrator.

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    A Google Cloud based photo-storage service, mainly designed around the storing of screenshots and text. Using machine learning and OCR, the service tags images with relevant terms for easy searching.

Skills and Interests

During my spare time, I like to make music, both electronic and acoustic-based recordings, and own several MIDI instruments and controllers to aid my production. I used to DJ, but now prefer working on my own material.

I've also worked closely with the University of Bristol's UBTV, where I created graphics and animation for student video projects. Moreover, I have also created VR and 360 videos for the Bristol Medical School, as a proof-of-concept of particular applications of VR for medical education.